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Sorry I haven’t updated for a while, been busy with school!

New pieces available at my etsy store! Visit my store here:

All the pieces are hand drawn illustrations of different kawaii inspired characters I am developing. This is a test run to see what characters people like for a possible future release of a full line of accessories and art projects centered around these characters. I started by sketching these characters out, then drawing an outline with marker, then coloring the objects with color pencils. After I put them in the oven for magical shrinking time and they cool, I seal them with a uv protectant to seal in color.

I am playing off of the idea of nice things being grumpy and normally bad things being happy with everything being cute. I have always had a fascination with anthropomorphizing things, so designing these characters just feels natural.

Your feedback (or even purchases ;P) would be greatly appreciated!


Sketchaday week 3ish

I know it is little soon for my weekly sketchaday update, but I want to reconfigure my regular posting day to be Fridays. As always I will take any requests for a sketchaday, so feel free to comment or message me!
Here are the few since the last post, Sherlock Holmes, the palace of fine arts in San Fran, a ninja cutting the cheese, and some weird marker girl. Thanks!






First two paintings from my painting II class.

Oil on Canvas

“Pop” was mainly done as a study of color and technique. I captured the reference images with my boyfriend while he popped water balloons and took elements from many of those images to put this painting together.

Acrylic and Oil on woodpanel


“Reflection” was a test in the techinique of using acrylic and oils, and I found it very successful. I painted the phone from life, I actually have a shot cellphone. The background is from my imagination. There is a narrative I tried to promote within this painting, however I will let those who view it figure that out. ^.^