Summer, Jewelry, and Paintings

Now that my semester is over, I updated a lot of my etsy store today with paintings and new jewelry! This summer I am only working part time and focusing on selling my art and jewelry to help support myself. I am so busy during the semester at school to get this stuff done, so I hope to get it all done during the summer! If you could pop over to my etsy store and possibly buy some of my work or leave some feedback , I would greatly appreciate it.

I always am taking requests and comissions, so please let me know if you have any!


Pickle Prince and IGN

First of all I finished my Midterm animation!!! Here it is on the YouTube:


It is the first complete package of an animation in flash I have made, and I would like to keep using that software in the future.

Second, I was interviewed by a blogger on IGN, a fellow University of Iowa student! Check it out!


Here is another great article about two lovely females in EPX:

I have gotten a ton of paintings done, and I will be getting pictures of those up here also hopefully this weekend!