Day 7 San Fran

The last, but not least, day in San Fran we started by visiting the Cartoon Art Museum. This…was…awesome! They had original art from a multitude of movies and comics,  and even the set of ParaNorman!!! It was a small museum, but definitely worth the visit. To see actual original art help solidified to me how real cartoons and comics are as art.

Afterwards we went to Emeryville and went to the Ikea for lunch, then to Pixar!!! We had to split up the tour, but we to see the lobby and a whole second floor gallery of the creation of Brave. To see how the film movie came into creation and get to talk to Edwin was awesome and educational! Also, this by far is the largest studio we visited, and to see how it all was put together was so interesting. The feel the difference between Pixar and Dreamworks first place was great experience. Pixar was more open and welcoming feeling, and Dreamworks was more closed and secretative. Pixar even had people riding around on scooters!

After Pixar we had free time, so Mar, Ryan and I decided to go to SFMoma. I overall am not a conteporary art person, but there were a few interesting things there. I saw a Picasso and a Chuck Close, and there was this giant painting in a hallway of mushrooms and the like. The giant painting I enjoyed because of the clean lines and forms, where it looked like a cartoon, however it was a centerpiece in a hall of SFMoma.


Wrapping up the trip was sad, but also timely. I was getting tired and ready to go home (even though I got stuck an extra day in San Fran, got to fly first class, and spend a night in Minneapolis due to the blizzard in Iowa 😦 ). I also was filled in inspiration to create, and it helped solidify my goal of wanting to move to the West Coast. Now I know that all these jobs do exist, that these people are living the dreams they set out to achieve. I know too that I can get to that point, I will just have to work hard to achieve it. I also know if I keep trying, I will achieve it. That is the theme of all the stories those who we talked to, Stupid Fun Club, Double Fine, Disney Playdom, Pixar, and even Walt Disney story! Just keep trying even after you fail, and as long as it is your passion, eventually success will come to you.



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