Day 6 San Fran

Monday morning we caught a train to Palo Alto to visit Disney Playdom. This visit was fantastic! We got free food and water bottles, and had a tour of the whole office. We got to talk to Art Directors and Programmers and even HR gave us tips to how to get a job! We had to sign a NDA so I probably shouldn’t divulge details, but overall it was an enlightening experience. Disney Playdom was actually a startup that was purchased by Disney after it grew to considerable size. They mostly develop social facebook games, such as Sorority Life, and it was interesting to see the behind the scenes of it.

After Playdom, we had lunch in Redwood City, then went to Dreamworks. We were very excited for this, and it was awesome to get there. We got to see very little of the building and just watched some videos instead of actually getting to talk directly to any artists or actual workers. It was still interesting to see the area and get a feel of the campus they work on. It was a considerably the largest company we have seen by this point, so to see the difference between a smaller startup and a larger studio like Dreamworks was interesting.

That evening we got to talk one on one with an Art Director at Disney, and he gave all us artists reviews of their portfolios. It was so great to hear direct feedback, especially at this point in my education. I have a better idea of where to go now for the next year and half of school.


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