Day 5 San Fran

Sunday started out by going to Chinatown to peruse shops and eat Dim Sum. It was a lot of delicious food! We then walked to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, where we watched street performers to study how there acts attract people and how others do not. There were many men spray painted and pretending to be robots, which was interesting at first, but I realized soon that this was a common schtick people used, and quickly became uninteresting.
The two performers who drew crowds were a couple of people on unicycles juggling and the like, and a artist who was spray painting paintings on the street. I think they both pulled crowds because they were loud, showy, and original compared to what was around. This can be applied to both animation and games because they are a form of entertainment also, and if thought about, loud flashy games or animations do attract attention.

At Fisherman’s Wharf was the Musee Mechanique, which was this amazing place that had interactive machines dating back to the first interactive machines. All were workable and you could play them, and they had histories written along with it. This progressed to more modern arcade machines, giving the visitor a full understanding of the development. In old machines you could see the basis for newer mechanics, loud, flashy, and interactive. One could control a puppet to dance, watch monkeys play music, or talk to a fortune teller. It was very rudimentary compared to todays game standards, but still interesting all the same.

After the Musee, we went to Ghiradelli Square then to the Palace of Fine Arts. We just walked around the outside, but that is all one really needs. It was beautiful and another source of inspiration for possible future paintings. To see such grand architecture in America was breath taking. The last time I have seen a building so beautiful was in Europe.

Then we proceed to trek to the Golden Gate Bridge, along the way it started to rain. This did not deter Dave, Ryan, and I to get to the first tower of the bridge, even though we got soaked in the process. Afterwards we went to back to the Hostel to get dry, then to a British Pub where I had my first Shepard’s Pie. It was the perfect meal to end a long day.



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