Day 4 San Fran

Saturday morning we started with the Walt Disney Museum. We explored around the area there, then went in when it opened at 10a. LucasArts was located out on the campus, and there was a statue to Yoda, and to commemorate Muybridge.
The Walt Disney Family Museum was very informational and fun. They had a special exhibit for stop motion animation, which even include the original wire frames for Jack Skeleton and Gumby!
The rest of the Museum was about Walt Disney the person, his life and career. I never knew his story, and it was inspirational. He taught himself how to animate, and then went on to pioneer animation principles still used to today. My favorite part of the museum is where you could control a rough of a hand drawn animation from Snow White frame by frame, going forward or backward if you would like, and speed it up and slow it down. I wish there were more resources like that available for study. It helped me understand how they composed the animations, and the principles to make the animation flow.

After the Walt Disney Museum we trudged through the rain to a bus stop to go to the Science Museum. We walked up a hill/mountain an there was a lot of neat things to see. Once to the area with the Science Museum, we stopped by the tower by the art museum. I had a wonderful view of the city, and I took a lot of images. That view will surely be inspiration for future paintings for me.

The Science Museum was full of awesome exhibits. We went to the planetarium to watch a show about earthquakes and in another theater watched a 3D animation of dinosaurs. While watching these I realized animation does not just need to be for fun cartoons, but also to teach and help the masses understand the world around them. We can not film dinosaurs, or how earthquakes work under the crust, but using scientific data, artists can render what it looks like. I knew this, but never realized it before.

Also at the Science Museum there was a rainforest and an aquarium. Both were full of interesting critters and life, therefore full of inspiration. I even had two butterflies land on me!


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