Day 2 San Francisco

Day 2 San Fran – We woke up and partook in the free pancake breakfast that the hostel offered. It was a bucket with batter in it, and pretty amazing.  After which we navigated the bus system and went to the Legion of Honor. There were so many amazing images there, I learned so much about painting and composition. It was mind blowing. I studied the paint techniques and compositions of Rembrandt, Bougereau, Monet, and Stanhope. There were rooms filled with Northern Renaissance paintings. I have been to many museums in my travels, but the Legion was full of awe. Seeing these paintings up close really helped me understand how to further my paintings and concept art work.

There were original Muybridge photographs and other photographs that study the movement of the body through time. Muybridge was interesting because his work was the precursors to animation and cinema, and helped artists understand the motion of movement through time.

After the Legion of Honor we went to Grace Cathedral. This was inspirational and massive. I took many photos of the interior for future reference in my artworks. The view from up on the hill it was on was beautiful also. All of the amazing landscapes was overwhelming in many ways.

That evening we went to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. We watched people and saw a beautiful view of the city at night. It was a amazing day full of learning about art, painting specifically, and inspiration from the city in general.


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