bumpf! title screen

A gif showing the painting process for the Bumpf! title menu screen.

I am not going to say much about this piece, especially the process to create it, because the gif above outlines that pretty well. I will explain the idea behind this.

Since it is the title screen for Bumpf!, a tower defense game, it had to somehow explain the story behind it. The story for this game is you are toliet paper people defending your sacred golden toliet from the marauding horde of ninjas, pirates, and vikings. Even though the story maybe a little off kilter, I like to think this painting encapsulates this idea.

As to style, I really wanted to keep some structure and realistic value, but also play on the cartoony-ness of the game. I really enjoy painting in this style, and wish to explore it more.

bumpf!, digital painting, photoshop